Prime LED bargraphs:
compact, high-density
information displays

At just over one inch (26mm) in length, the BR-1326 26 tri-color segment 1mm pitch module is ideal for vertically-positioned applications in 1U high rackmount equipment.

The 53 segment bargraph fits vertically within 2U equipment, with a height of 2.3 inches / 58mm.

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Both bargraphs are narrow enough to permit up to 24 vertically mounted bargraphs within a 19" rack panel.

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All Prime LED bargraphs are designed for easy mounting in slots on a panel, where the front (top) surface of the segments is approximately flush (co-planar) with the front surface of the equipment panel (or an optional bezel).

This capability eliminates the design complexity and optical degradation of the transparent covering used in front of many conventional bargraph displays.

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   53 segment bargraph

53.gif (38338 bytes)

 26 segment bargraph

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         10 segment bargraph

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25 segment bargraph

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bargraph electro-optical characteristics
all bargraphs have been developed to provide a pleasing yellow (amber) color when both red and green LEDs are active.

1mm segment pitch
(BR1353, BR1326)
2.5mm segment pitch
5 mm segment pitch
forward voltage,
I f = 20 mA
green: 2.1V, red: 1.9V green: 2.0V, red: 1.9V green: 4.5V, red: 3.8V
peak forward current,
25 mA 15 mA 25 mA
peak forward current,
pulse, 1/10 duty cycle,
10kHz minimum rate
 90 mA  60 mA  90 mA
segment brightness,
I f = 20 mA
 3.5 mcd  11 mcd  5.5 mcd
segment brightness
<10% difference
between segments
<8% difference
between segments
<8% difference
between segments
adjacent segment
"off" brightness
<1% of brightness
of active segment
<1% of brightness
of active segment
<1% of brightness
of active segment
peak emission
green: 570 nm red: 630 nm green: 570 nm red: 650 nm green: 570 nm red: 630 nm

*Using a typical multiplex drive circuit, bargraph current consumption (all segments illuminated) is approximately 130 mA. for a 53 segment bargraph. For a 26 or 25 segment bargraph, current consumption is approximately 70mA and approximately 35 mA for the BR4810 bargraph.


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