The display on the left has a PPM "dot" with a VU "bar".  The color of each segment has been fixed according to its position, which does not take full advantage of the dynamic tri-color capability of the bargraph.  The bargraph can be supplied with fixed single-color LEDs in each segment, or even monocolor (all segments the same color). However, the standard bi-color (red-green) version permits the color thresholds to be changed easily via changes in the driver program, thereby avoiding the hassle of matching bargraphs having custom segment-color configurations to particular customer scale requirements.

PEAK-nextgen.gif (3596 bytes) 2DOT-1BAR-nextgen2.gif (4116 bytes) 3DOTnextgen2.gif (5191 bytes)

The middle and right bargraphs simultaneously show all three level measurements by color-coding:   PPM is amber, VU is green, and Loudness is red.  These types of display take full advantage of the bi-color red-green segments.  It would also be possible to indicate additional parameters such as overrange, underrange, peak hold, etc. by blinking, flashing, or reverse-video modes.  One or more reference levels, such as a "Zero" level might also be shown by means of fixed-position segment(s).

*please note that this is an approximation of what the actual display looks like dynamically. File sizes have been minimized to reduce download times.  The actual display is much smoother and quite impressive.


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